AX503 - Triple Power Supply

AX503 - Triple Power Supply

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Very lightweight and rugged, the AX 503 power supply (2x 30 V / 2.5 A + 2.7-5.5 V / 5 A) offers electronic current limitation in the event of short-circuits and temperature control in the event of overloads and overheating.
The outputs have dual insulation in relation to the mains by means of double-well safety terminals, even for the earth connection.


  • Linear technology for stability and low noise,
  • Protection against short-circuits and overheating,
  • Double-insulated outputs,
  • High-efficiency unventilated toroidal transformer,
  • Series or parallel coupling allowing generation of up to 60 V / 2.5 A or 30 V / 5 A
  • Slaving of the 2 x 30 V outputs in "tracking" mode to adjust them simultaneously (master/slave)
  • 2.7 V - 5.5 V / 5 A third output to power logic circuits (TTL/CMOS)