Kern BBB-N Floor Scale
Kern BBB-N Floor Scale
Kern BBB-N Floor Scale
Kern BBB-N Floor Scale

BBB-N: Weighing bridge with screw-on weighing plate (IP68) and touchscreen display (IP66) with extensive industrial functionality

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  • Industrial quality: heavy version for tough usage in industrial applications
  • Weighing bridge: steel, lacquered,protection against dust and water splashes IP67, 4 silicone-coated steel load cells. Weighing bridge can also be delivered as components without the display device, KXP V20 IP67
  •  Weighing plate   screwed on from the top, so it easy to remove, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Easy levelling of the weighing bridge as well as access to the junction box from above
  •  Stainless steel touchscreen display KERN KEN-TM for easy entry and reading of, for example, item data, tare weights, reference weights, limit values, etc.
  • protection against dust and water splashes IP66
  • Benchtop stand incl. wall mount for display device as standard
  • 1 GB large internal memory, 64 MB large RAM memory
  • Alibi memory: paperless archive of weighing results
  • Up to four platforms can be connected
  • Password protection

Note: For verified models the weighing bridge must be fixed to the floor. Optionally by two ascending ramps or two pairs of base plates or by a combination of these two options. 
Shipment via freight forwarder. Please ask for dimensions, gross weight, shipping costs 
Our large, heavy KERN floor scales are sent in a sturdy wooden crate, to ensure safe transportation and protection of the measuring equipment