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The rugged and portable C.A 6121 is comprehensive tester for the EN 60204 machine directive; it covers all the measurements specified by this directive.

Dielectric test: at 1,000, 1,250 and 1,500 V AC with:

  • adjustment of max. current threshold
  • display of real voltages and currents
  • test with or without timer
  • floating HV outputs for greater safet

Insulation test: 0 to 500MΩ at 500 or 1,000V DC with:

  • programming of the min resistance threshold
  • testing with or without timer function
Continuity test: 0 to 2Ω at 12V / >10A AC with:
  • 4-wire measurement
  • voltage drop display (∆U: 0 to 10V
  • programming of the max. voltage drop and resistance threshold
  • testing with or without timer function

Other specifications

  • discharge time test: 0 to 10s at 600V AC/DC - measurement at 2 points (power supply terminals) or 4 points (internal components)
  • backlit LCD matrix screen
  • storage of 1,000 measurements
  • RS232 output
  • remote control signals
  • software / remote control pedal / indicator lamps and printer available as options
  • IP54 site-proof casing
  • measurements according to EN 60204-1, VDE 104 and EN 61180-1 et -2
  • electrical safety: IEC 1010 Cat.III 600V
  • dimensions: 250 x 260 x 400 mm; weight: 11 kg


    CA6121 - Industrial Machine Tester

    incl. VAT

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