Kern CXB Counting Scale
Kern CXB Counting Scale

Kern CXB: Entry level model into professional counting, also with EC type approval [M], counting resolution of 30,000 points

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  • Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the averag piece weight value
  • Programmable using numerical key pad:
    • required reference quantity
    • known reference weight
  • Three displays for
    • Total weight (verifiable)
    • Piece weight
    • Total count
  • Audible Fill-to-target: target quantity or target weight can be programmed. When the target value is reached, a signal will sound
  • Counting results memory: adds up all individual piece counts, result is shown in total weight and total pieces
  • Energy management: Backlight turns off after 5 sec
  • Two balances in one: Changes from counting mode to weighing mode at the touch of a key


Adjusting program (CAL): For quick setting of the balance's accuracy. External adjusting weight required.Piece counting: Reference quantities selectable. Display can be switched from piece to weight.Totalising level A: The weights of similar items can be added together and the total can be printed out.Rechargeable battery pack: rechargeable setMains part: mains part integrated in the balance. 230V/50Hz Standard type D, if requested also available in standard GB, AUS or USA.Strain gauge: An electrical resistor strip that is glued to an elastic deforming body made of aluminium. As the strain gauge is mechanically deformed its resistance value changes, allowing Parcel shipment via courier. Ready for dispatch in 1 dayMains adapter: 230V/50Hz in standard version for Germany. On request GB or USA version.
Optional (CXB-NM)
Verification possible. The time required for verification is specified in the pictogram.