• Particularly suitable for testing torque wrenches, electric hand screwdrivers and cordless screwdrivers
  • Rotary sensor for dynamic testing of electric screwdrivers
  • Metal housing for durable usage in harsh environmental conditions
  • Capacity display: A bar lights up to show how much of the measuring range is still available
  • Back-lit LCD graphic display
  • num/1] Rubber feet with anti-slip feature with SAUTER DB 0.5-4 to DB 10-3
  • Robust mounting plate for secure fixing with SAUTER DB 20-3 to DB 50-2
  • Scope of supply: mounting plate, sturdy carry case
  • Internal data memory saves up to 500 measurements. The content of the memory can be transferred to the PC using optional software
  • Peak Hold Mode to capture peaks
  • Can be used in both directions of rotation
  • Function to set limits, programming of Max./Min., in pull and push direction, with output of audible and optical signal. Ideal mode for efficient and accurate testing of standard parts
  • AUTO-OFF function to preserve the battery
DB: Convenient way to test the torque of tools

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