• Display device with integrated radio module for wireless communication with the weighing platform: ideal for weighing contaminated items, weighing in loud environments or with physical separation
  • Touchless tare function: by the wave of your hand. No need to operate the scale with dirty gloves anymore
  • Network operation: 3 frequencies for parallel use of several weighing platforms with a single display device
  • High mobility thanks to battery operation for display device and platform, operating time up to 70 h
  • 2 rollers and handle for easy transport of the scale
  • Simple and convenient 4 key operation
  • Dynamic weighing: at the push of a button, a stable average weight is given when the environmental conditions are unstable or when weighing animals
  • Wall mount for display device standard
  • EOS-F: No need for a cable with KERN! XL platform with wireless display device for maximum flexibility

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