Kern BFN floor scales with capacities from 600 kg to 1500 kg. Kern BFN floor scales have a modular, IP68 rated, stainless steel weighing platform with screw-on weighing plate. The stainless steel display is IP65 rated and is M Class approved for trade. They are available with an optional calibration certificate and a range of accessories.

  • Tough industry standard suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Weighing plate screwed on from the top with stainless steel screws, so it easy to remove, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Weighing bridge made of stainless steel, extremely resistant to bending because of its high material thickness. 4 welded Stainless steel load cells, protection against dust and water splashes IP68.
  • Your support in a HACCP-compliant quality system
  • Easy levelling of the weighing bridge as well as access to the junction box from above
  • Display device: stainless steel, protection against dust and water splashes IP65, for industrial applications, hygienic and easy to clean, integrated power supply,
  • Benchtop stand incl. wall mount for display device as standard
  • Totalising of weights
  • Note: For verified scales the weighing bridge must be fixed to the floor. Optionally, with an access ramp, a footplate pair or a pit frame
  • Limited tare range with verifiable models (1/6 from [Max])
  • Our large, heavy KERN floor scales are sent in a sturdy wooden crate, to ensure safe transportation and protection of the measuring equipment
Model Weighing capacity Readability Weighing plate
[Max] [d] mm
(WxD | Dia)
BFN 1.5T0.5M 1500 kg 500 g 1500  mm x 1250  mm
BFN 1T-4SM 1500 kg 500 g 1000  mm x 1000  mm
BFN 3T-3M 3000 kg 1 kg 1500  mm x 1250  mm
BFN 600K-1SM 600 kg 200 g 1000  mm x 1000  mm



Adjusting program (CAL): For quick setting of the balance's accuracy. External adjusting weight required.Totalising level A: The weights of similar items can be added together and the total can be printed out.Piece counting: Reference quantities selectable. Display can be switched from piece to weight.Weighing with tolerance range: Upper and lower limiting can be programmed individually, e. g. sorting and portioning.Vibration-free weighing: (Animal weighing program) Vibrations are filtered out so that a stable weight is obtained.IP 68 protection in accordance with DIN EN 60529:
Designed for continuous use in wet areas. Can be cleaned with water jet. Submersion is possible. Dustproof.IP 65 protection in accordance with DIN EN 60529:
Designed for temporary contact with liquids. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Dustproof.Rechargeable battery pack: rechargeable setUniversal mains adapter: with universal input and optional input socket adapters for EU, GBStrain gauge: An electrical resistor strip that is glued to an elastic deforming body made of aluminium. As the strain gauge is mechanically deformed its resistance value changes, allowingVerification possible. The time required for verification is specified in the pictogram.


Data interface RS-232: To connect the balance to a printer, PC or network

Kern BFN Floor Scales

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