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The Mastech MS7220 thermocouple simulator is an accurate calibrator used for the testing and calibration of thermocouples and other temperature instruments. 

The Mastech MS7220 thermocouple simulator offers both input and output functions, meaning it can measure temperatures from an external thermocouple, or it can simulate a thermocouple when connected to a separate instrument such as a temperature controller or thermometer.

The Mastech MS7220 thermocouple simulator can measure or source 8 different thermocouple types (J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N). It can also be used to calibrate transmitters and other instruments by acting as a millivolt source, from -10mV to +75mV. 

The calibrator is supplied in a hard carry case and with a wire type thermocouple and thermometer calibration link cable. 

Function Specification
Thermocouple range -200 to +1800 (depending on tc type)
Millivolt range -10 to +75 mV
Temperature resolution 0.1 Celsius / Fahrenheit
Millivolt resolution 0.01 mV
Thermocouple accuracy ±0.3%+10uV
Millivolt accuracy ±0.02%
Thermocouple types J K T E N R S B per NIST 175 and ITS-90
Power 9V battery (not included)

Mastech MS7220 Thermocouple Simulator

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