Kern MBC-A01 Mechanical Height Rod

MBC-A01: Mechanical height rod for KERN MBC

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  • Measuring range 80 cm, increments of 1 mm
Casing material: Plastic
Dimensions housing (W×D×H): 900mm x 465mm x 180mm
Direction of measurement: horizontal
Brand: KERN
Category: Height rods
Product Group: Mechanical height rod
Measuring system
Measuring range [Max]: 80 cm
Readability [d]: 1 mm
Weighing units: cm | inch | inch/ft
Environmental conditions
Maximum humidity: 80 %
Maximum operating temperature: 40 °C
Minimum ambient temperature: 0 °C
Packaging & shipping
Delivery: 24 h
Dimensions packaging (W×D×H): 180mm x 890mm x 140mm
Gross weight: 1 kg
Net weight: 785 g