Mini02 - Current Clamp 100A

Mini02 - Current Clamp 100A

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The MINI 02 current clamp, whose jaws are equipped with a high-performance magnetic material and a double winding, offers good linearity and improved performance.
Small and compact, it is an ideal complement for any multimeter to measure alternating currents in low-power tertiary or industrial applications.
If there is a current flowing in the conductor clamped, the MINI 02 clamp is protected against voltage when i is disconnected from the measuring instrument.

Main features of the MINI 02 model:

  • Rated current: 100 A AC
  • Output signal: alternating current
  • Transformation ratio: 1,000/1
  • Output via lead and isolated Ø 4 mm male plugs
  • Output protected against voltage surges