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The MTX1050 Spectrum Analyser is a particularly compact and economical "screenless" instrument. Lightweight, portable and suitable for general-purpose applications, the MTX1050 Spectrum Analyser is perfect for small businesses and for technical education (engineering schools, institutes of technology, technical high schools, etc.).
When it is hooked up to HX0082 & HX0083 near-field probes, the MTX 1050-PC can also be used for EMC prequalification tests.

  • Multi-purpose frequency range from 400kHz to 1GHz
  • High level of stability with ±5ppm/year frequency drift
  • Large dynamic range for measurement from -990dBm to +220dBm
  • 6 sweep speeds, 3 analysis filters and 3 video filters
  • EMC testing capability and integrated FM demodulation
  • High-resolution colour display and large dimensions on PC
  • Up to 5,000 samples in horizontal resolution
  • 4 simultaneous measurements (auto Peak, Marker, 2 delta cursors)
  • Windows environment: screenshots in reports, transfers to Excel
  • Unlimited reference and configuration memories with explicit names
  • Plug & Play USB connection and multilingual PC software.
    MTX1050 Spectrum Analyser

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