MTX1054B - 4 Channel 150MHz Analyser Oscilloscope

MTX1054B - 4 Channel 150MHz Analyser Oscilloscope

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This economical, high-performance oscilloscope operates when connected directly to a PC. It uses the PC's screen for display and its memory for its recording capacity. The ergonomic MTX 1054B is a benchtop oscilloscope which is easy to use, stack and transport. Its functions are directly accessible via the menus and the "Windows" toolbar of the SCOPEin@BOX software. For communication purposes, the MTX 1054B has a USB link, an Ethernet10 MB interface and Wifi.

Performance of this 4-input measuring instrument:

  • Oscilloscope with 4 x 150 MHz channels, fast acquisition mode and SPO (Smart Persistence Oscilloscope) display;
  • Vertical sensitivity from 2.5 mV at 100 V/div down to 250 µV/div, with expansion
  •  and horizontal deflection from 1 ns to 200 s/div
  • Sampling: 200 MS/s one-shot,100 GS/s ETS
  • Advanced triggering: edge, pulse width, TV signal, delay, event counting.
  • real-time FFT analyser,simple mathematical functions and complex function editor
  • recorder for slow events over periods from 2 s to 31 days
  • harmonic analyser:fundamental from 40 Hz à 1 kHz
  • IEC61010-1-300V-CATII;
  • ANDROID application available from Google store.