• The KERN OZG-4 models are stereo microscopes which have been specially designed for the jewellery industry and jewellers as they have a zoom function
  • The KERN OZG-4 is fitted with a column support as well as an integrated halogen light unit with reflected and transmitted light
  • The KERN OZG-4 has a mechanical stand, which is extremely flexible as it can be tilted and rotated. Together with the powerful lighting units, which also includes a swan neck, this is an ideal solution for jewellers and the jewellery industry
  • As well as very good optical characteristics, these models form an ideal package with their dark field unit with object clamp which is included with the delivery
  • A central feature of this adaptable, robust microscope range is the stable mechanism which can be adjusted precisely
Kern OZG-4: Flexible product for jewellers and the jewellery industry

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