• Premium operation panel:
  • Digital speed display
  • Digital repeat function display
  • Force controlled automatic switchoff (Teststop after achieving an adjusted limit load), only when used with force gauge FH
  • Repeat function for durability tests (multiple up and down, adjustable)
  • Digital speed display: shows the displacement speed
  • Solid and flexible possibilites of fixation (see accessories)
  • Possibilitities to attach force gauges (for FH, FA, FK, FL):
  • Force gauges with internal sensor (up to 500 N capacity), only for TVM 5000N230N, TVM 10KN120N
  • Force gauges with external sensor (starting at 1,000 N capacity)
  • Large illustration with length measuring unit, force gauge and mount for test objects (not included)
  • TVM-N: Premium motorised test stand for professional force measurements

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