• Premium operating panel
  • - Digital speed display: shows the displacement speed
  • - Digital repeat function for durability tests
  • Control of the test bench using SAUTER AFH PC software
  • Motorised test stand for tension an compression tests
  • NEW: Step motor for greatest ease of use :
  • - for constant speed from the smallest to the maximum load
  • - allows testing at minimum speed and full load
  • - for higher positioning accuracy. Precise starting and stopping, without run-on, even at high speeds
  • - precise adjustment of the process speed using the information shown on the display
  • Maximum travel ensured by electronic end switch
  • Large working area through long guide columns as standard, which allows a wide range of fixing options
  • SAUTER LA length measuring device as standard, to read the measurement range with a readout of 0,01 mm
  • Particularly flexible installation options for the most varied force-measuring devices, such as, for example SAUTER FC, SAUTER FH-M, SAUTER FA, KERN FK, SAUTER FL:
  • - Direct installation of measuring devices with internal measuring cell up to a measuring range of 500 N (only with TVS 5000N240 and TVS 10KN100)
  • - Direct installation of the external measuring cell with a measuring range from 1,000 N on the cross beam (only with TVS ≥ 20 kN)
  • - Mount for force-measuring devices from the SAUTER FH range with external measuring cell
  • The large figure shows the TVS test bench with: SAUTER FH force-measuring device, SAUTER LD length-measuring device, longer guide columns as well as bracket for force-measuring device and test objects, not supplied with the product
  • For force-displacement testing: Please order the optional SAUTER LB length measuring device and software AFH FD or SAUTER LD length measuring device and software AFH LD as well as the factory fitting of the length measuring device with the product
TVS: Premium test bench with step motor for precise testing up to 50 kN

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