CA7028 - LAN Wiring Tester
CA7028 - LAN Wiring Tester
CA7028 - LAN Wiring Tester

CA7028 - LAN Wiring Tester

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Professional and economical, the C.A 7028 Wire Mapper is a professional cabling tester and fault identifier on data and voice networks and installed links. Equipped with a complete range of functions, it is useful for communications engineers and technicians, telecommunications teams looking for faults, linemen and communications companies. The Wire MapperTM is also a useful tool for IT managers and administrators when locating faults or upgrading an existing network.

  • Locates and identifies faults up to 150m or 500ft: cut, short-circuited, crossed or separated pairs, short-circuits between pairs, pair inversions and sheath / screen continuity; faults at the end of the link or installed line.
  • Length of cable or link (in m or ft)
  • Types of cables tested: UTP & STP (SSTP & FTP) as per TIA568 A/B, ISO, EN, USOC and ISDN standards
  • Graphic backlit LCD display 128x64 pixels
  • Protection / Safety: alert for services active on the cable
  • Built-in sound frequency generator for locating and identifying cables
  • Transmitter dimensions: 165 x 90 x 37 mm - identifier: 65 x 52 x 25 mm
  • Weights: 350 g - 40 g