Glycerine filled, stainless steel case gauges, fitted with brass internals. These gauges are suitable for general use across all industry sectors. Glycerine fill helps protect gauges against excessive vibration or mechanical shock.

For the measurement of liquids or gases that are not highly viscous, high temperature (over 60°C), likely to solidify or crystallise or corrosive to copper or tin alloys. If you are unsure of the resistance of the construction of these gauges to your process media please contact us as we can offer gauges manufactured in other materials or we can supply chemical or hygienic seals for particularly aggressive media or for processes that require full sanitary fittings.

We can supply gauges in 40, 50, 63, 100 & 150 mm diameters as standard. We can also manufacture 200, 250 & 300 mm (8", 10" & 12" gauges) if your application requires.

Ranges from -1 to +1000 bar available as standard. Higher ranges are available on request.​