Chauvin Arnoux Non-Contact Current Clamps - Precision and Safety for Your Multimeter Needs

Discover the power of precision with Chauvin Arnoux Non-Contact Current Clamps. Designed to provide accurate measurements of large alternating currents, our clamps are the perfect companion for any multimeter.

Non-contact current clamps, like our Chauvin Arnoux models, are recognised for their ability to outperform traditional methods when it comes to measuring large alternating currents. As an essential tool for professionals and hobbyists alike, these clamps can measure up to hundreds of amps without the need to break the circuit or wire the meter in series. This makes the measurement process safer, faster, and more efficient​.

Our Chauvin Arnoux clamps are designed to work seamlessly with multimeters, providing a reliable and efficient way to measure current. Coupled with a high-quality multimeter, like those that feature True-RMS measurements, you can accurately measure complex electrical waveforms found in various systems, like HVAC or variable motor drives​.

Enjoy the convenience of our non-contact current clamps, which allow for measurements without the need to physically connect the clamp to the circuit. This means you can easily take measurements in challenging environments or on complex circuits. Moreover, the non-contact feature significantly enhances safety, reducing the risk of electric shock.

Chauvin Arnoux's non-contact current clamps are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from testing amplifier circuits to working with LEDs​. Their reliable performance and high-quality construction make them a top choice for professionals in various industries, from electricians to engineers and technicians.

Equip your toolkit with Chauvin Arnoux non-contact current clamps, and experience a new level of precision and safety in your electrical measurements.

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