Single point load cells are designed to take an off-centre load. They are mounted by the rear face or base and a platform attached to the opposite end of the load cell. The single point load cell does not compress like other load cells, it measures the deflection between the two ends. They are commonly found in platform scales.

Our range of single point load cells vary in dimensions and capacity - we will have a load cell suitable for your application.

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6000 incl. VAT
7000 incl. VAT
7000 incl. VAT
8000 incl. VAT
8000 incl. VAT
9000 incl. VAT
10000 incl. VAT
14000 incl. VAT
16500 incl. VAT
22000 incl. VAT
23000 incl. VAT
23500 incl. VAT
40000 incl. VAT