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Insulation and Continuity Tester for Special Applications
20 GOhm
Test voltage : 10 to 100 V - 1 V increments
Manual / Lock / Duration modes
Alarms, REL
Continuity, Voltage, Resistance
Magnetic mounting


The new CA6536 - 20 GOhm Insulation Tester is compact, lightweight and simple to use, offering greater comfort for users:
Casing designed with 600V CAT IV safety and IP54 / IK04 protection for a comfortable grip in total safety with easy access to the TEST button, even when the user is wearing safety gloves
Magnetic stand for fixing the product on a metal surface so that users have their hands free when measuring and reading the result
Wide backlit screen with double digital display and logarithmic bargraph, secondary display showing the actual test voltage, the test current and the timer value, in addition to the value measured
Remote control with torch for error-free identification of the points of measurement, even in environments with poor lighting

Insulation tests:

This new range is equipped with various insulation test voltages ranging from 10 V to 1 kV. The dynamic range for insulation measurement extends up to 200 GOhm, remaining compliant with the IEC 61557 standard up to 2 GOhm.

In addition to the manual mode, there are also new insulation test modes such as Lock mode, Timer mode and calculation of the PI & DARratios.

Continuity tests:

The continuity test function, which complies with the IEC 61557 standard (200 mA current), is enhanced on certain models with a 20 mA test current, with the advantage of prolonging battery life in normal use. This function is equipped with active-fuseless-protection if a voltage is present.

Measurement adaptability:

On most of the models in the C.A 652X & C.A 653x range, you can activate an alarm threshold, choosing between 2 fixed thresholds and 1 customizable threshold for each measurement.

Furthermore, the Ž€�REL function can be used to display the measurements which differ from a reference measurement. The display shows the value of the variation and the percentage in relation to the reference.

Other functions:

DMM functions are available with measurement of  voltage up to 700 V, frequency up to 800 Hz, resistance up to 999 kOhm and capacitance up to 10 µF.

Easy operation:

Analysis of the measurements is facilitated by storage of 300 measurements on the instrument. The memory capacity is extended to 1,300 locations for the versions with Bluetooth® communication. The Megohmmeter Transfer (MEG) software module, delivered as standard with the communicating versions, allows remote test activation with real-time graphical display and transfer of the stored measurements onto a PC. The values are then displayed by type of measurement.

The DataView software suite (option) generates customized measurement reports which may include the location of the site and the contact details of the operator.


Insulation: variable test voltage from 10 to 100V with 1 V increments
Measurement range: 20 GOhm
Test mode: Manual, Lock, Timer,
Continuity: 200 mA / 20 mA measurement current
Voltage measurement: 700 V
Resistance measurement: 0 - 1,000 kOhm
Double display + logarithmic bargraph
Magnetic mounting elements
Powered by 6 x LR6 / AA batteries
Dimensions: 211 x 108 x 60 mm
Weight: 850 g
IP54, safety category: 600 V CAT IV

Chauvin Arnoux CA6536 - 20 GOhm Insulation Tester

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