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The AmpFlex®A130 Flexible Current Sensor comprises of 3 measurement loops. It can be connected directly to a power analyser, logger, etc., to measure 3-phase currents or to perform up to 3 independent current measurements.

These flexible cores offer the following major advantages:
Their flexible, lightweight design means they can encircle one or more conductors, whatever their shape (cable, busbar, strand, etc.)
Large measurement range
Bandwidth suitable for industrial frequencies and harmonic analysis
No saturation effect, so no overheating
Constant low phase shift appropriate for wattmetric measurements

A130 Flexible Current Sensor Main Specifications :
Measurement range: 0.5 A to 3 kA
3 calibres
Sensor length (clamping : 80 cm (25 cm)
Ingress protection of sensor/processing unit: IP67 / IP54
Output signal: AC voltage
Output via 3 coaxial cables terminated by isolated BNC safety plugs
Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries or external µUSB type B 5V
Battery life: 500 hours
1,000 V CAT IV


    Chauvin Arnoux A130 Flexible Current Sensor

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