Including a free test certificate

  • 32 direct command keys, "Windows-like" menus and graphical commands on 5.7-inch touch screen.
  • 4 channels isolated from one another and in relation to the earth on reinforced plastic BNC connectors, in replacement of the METRIX OX 822,OX 842 and OX 862 mixed differential oscilloscopes.
  • 2.5 GS/s sampling rate in one-shot mode and 1 GS/s in repetitive mode
  • Resolution: 12 bits
  • "Real-time" FFT analysis, simple and complex calculation functions on the channels over 2,5 pts
  • TRMS, 8,-count, 2 kHz digital multimeters with time/date-stamped graphical recording on all 4 channels
The C.A 6116N is an ALL-IN-ONE instrument for testing electrical installations in compliance with the national and international standards (IEC 60364-6, NF C 15-100, VDE 100, FD C 16-600, etc). It combines design, ergonomics, simplicity, performance, rapidity and accuracy.

Suitable for all neutral systems (TT, TN, IT), it is ideal for all sectors: industry, tertiary and residential.

The rugged, compact C.A 6113 is specially designed for quick and effective familiarization. large LCD graphic colour display with backlighting, users can view all the crucial results at a glance.

A rotary switch on the instrument¢‚¬„¢s front panel gives direct access to all the functions. A large number of visual symbols and audio signals help with quick interpretation of the results in accordance with the standards. The on-line contextual help menus can guide the user step by step, if needed. The storage capacity can save up to 1,000 tests. The C.A 6116N also has a USB output for data transfer.


The high-performance C.A 6116 offers excellent measurement stability, even in disturbed industrial environments. All the measurements needed to test an electrical installation are available: continuity, resistance, insulation, earth and selective earth, loop impedances, type A and AC RCDs. The C.A 6116 can also be used to measure voltage, frequency, current via a clamp, active power, harmonics and phase rotation.

Designed and manufactured in France, the C.A 6116N was developed in compliance with eco-design procedures.

Analysis of the results
The measurements made with the C.A 6116N can be processed by the DataView‚® multi-product expert processing software. DataView‚® automatically recognizes the instrument when it is connected to the PC and opens the corresponding menu. By means of a tree structure, it offers users direct access to the data recorded in the instrument, its configuration, etc.
It is equipped with multiple predefined report templates which comply with the standards' requirements.
Users can also create their own templates, as required.
Delivered as standard, the ICT software offers the following functions for quick, simplified analysis of the recorded measurements: recovery of the data, configuration of the instrument, customization of measurement campaigns with transfer into the instrument and generation of reports.


Delivered in a bag with a large number of accessories, a wrist strap and a 4-point harness are also available as standard features for "hands-free" use.

    Chauvin Arnoux CA6116N - 17th Ed. Multi-function Tester

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