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An easy-to-use, high-performance instrument, the C.A 6255 micro-ohmmeter tests the quality of connections with precision (resolution of 0.1 ‚µ¢€ž¦) through the use of low resistance measurements.

  • 4-wire measurement method, 1 ‚µ¢€ž¦ to 2,500 ¢€ž¦ (7 ranges, 3 with a 10 A current)
  • automatic compensation of stray voltages at input terminals
  • 3 measurement modes available depending on the application: inductive, non-inductive and non-inductive with automatic trigger
  • temperature compensation function for comparative results
  • programmable alarms / 1,500-measurement storage capacity
  • large backlit LCD display offering a wide range of symbols and indicators
  • 50 V CAT III
  • Power supply: NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: 270 x 250 x 180 mm; weight: 4 kg‚ 

Large Number Of‚ Measurements

  • Chassis-earth continuity tests
  • Surface and metallization conditions
  • Quality of contacts (switches, relays)
  • Resistance of cables and windings
  • Heating of motors and transformers
  • Verification of mechanical connections

To make them easier to use and to permit new applications, new retractable 10 A KELVIN test probes are now available as accessories.

    Chauvin Arnoux CA6255 - Micro-ohmmeter

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