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The CA6474 Tower Tester is designed for use with the CA6472 Earth & Resistivity Tester earth tester to measure pylon earths

When used with the CA6472 Earth & Resistivity Tester, the CA6474 Tower Tester allows the following types of measurements:

  • Global earth of pylons
  • Earth resistance of each of the pylon's footings
  • Quality of the overhead protective earth cable connection
  • Active measurement (injection by the CA6472 Earth & Resistivity Tester)
  • Passive measurement (use of stray currents)

Main technical specifications

  • measurement range: 0.001 Ohm to 99.99 kOhm
  • resolution: 0.001 Ohm to 10 Ohm
  • voltage: 16 to 32 VRMS
  • frequency: 41 Hz to 5,018 Hz
  • ground-rod resistance measurement: 0.01 Ohm to 100 kOhm
  • IP53 protection
  • dimensions: 272x250x128 mm, weight: 3.2 kg
    Chauvin Arnoux CA6474 Tower Tester

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