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The CA6710 17th Edition Training Case provides measurement training on electrical installations according to international standards (IEC 364, NF C 15-10, VDE 100, IEE 16th, OVE EN-1, CEI 64-8, NIN/NIV, RBT MIE...) which specify the steps to take to assure that electrical installations work properly and do not present a danger to users.

CA6710 17th Edition Training Case makes it possible to gain a thorough, concrete understanding of electrical installations (different neutral systems, complete studies of electrical phenomena and diverse faults).

It is the most efficient way of preparing students, self-employed electricians, electrical contractors, maintenance technicians and engineers for operations in industrial environments.

It is also useful for demonstrations of how to use various measurement instruments.

It can be used to simulate TT, TN and IT installations; earth, loop (phase/earth or phase/neutral), insulation, continuity and resistivity. it includes RCDs for testing leakage currents, phase, earth or neutral cut-off and phase/earth or neutral inversion.

    Chauvin Arnoux CA6710 17th Edition Training Case

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