• Power and electric motor analyser
  • Voltage, current and power measurements
  • Harmonic decomposition
  • Temperature
  • Rotation speed

Add the energy function to your CA8220 Motor Power Analyser.

Firmly geared towards electrotechnics and the verification of rotating machinery, the CA8220 Motor Power Analyser is intended for companies' testing and maintenance teams.
Equipped with a segmented liquid crystal display, compact and shock-resistant, its ergonomic human-machine interface makes it simple and pleasant to use because it is intuitive. the CA8220 Motor Power Analyser can be used to obtain a snapshot of the main characteristics of a single-phase or balanced three-phase network.

It also measures all the characteristics needed to check rotating machinery.
It allows accurate measurements from a few milliamperes to several kiloamperes, as required, by means of a wide range of sensors.
Other features:

  • Rotation speed: predictive maintenance requires regular verification of the rotation speed of rotating machinery. The CA8220 Motor Power Analyser, an all-in-one instrument, fulfils this need simply and efficiently.
  • Temperature: the motors and rotating machinery currently used are equipped with temperature probes which are easily accessible on a terminal block. This makes it possible to measure the motor's internal temperature directly by simply connecting the CA8220 Motor Power Analyser to this terminal block.
The C.A 8220 is supplied with the PAT (Power Analyser Transfer) software for processing the measurements on a PC (display, analysis, etc). This software is available free of charge for download from our support website.
Chauvin Arnoux CA8220 Motor Power Analyser

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