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2,000 A TRMS AC+DC multimeter clamp

With protection against electric shocks up to 12 kV, the F605 Clampmeter fulfils the most demanding safety criteria (CAT IV 1,000 V) and offers a high protection rating allowing users to work in total safety on all LV installations.

The F605 Clampmeter is ideal for high-power applications such as electrical power distribution, chemical and petrochemical industries, metallurgy, rail transport, etc.
Equipped with a fast 12-bit TRMS digital acquisition system, the F605 Clampmeter offers particularly accurate measurements whatever the signal's waveform.


  • Clamping diameter: 60 mm
  • Current: 2,000 A AC / 3,000 A DC
  • AC and DC voltage up to 1,000 V
  • Resistance and audible continuity
  • Power values (W, var, VA, PF) and harmonics (THDf, THDr)
  • "2-wire method" phase rotation
  • Automatic AC/DC detection
  • TrueInrush current measurement
  • Min, MAX, Peak+, Peak-
  • RELative and differential measurements
  • CAT IV 1,000 V
  • IP54 protection rating

      Chauvin Arnoux F605 Clampmeter

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