Kern CPB counting scales with capacities from 3 kg to 30 kg. Kern CPB counting scales are a professional counting system with 60,000 point resolution and M Class approval for trade use. They are available with an optional calibration certificate and other accessories such as printers, software and communications.
  • Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the average piece weight value
  • Programmable using numerical key pad:
    • required reference quantity
    • known reference weight
  • Three displays for total weight (verifiable), piece weight, total count
  • Counting results memory: adds up all individual piece counts, result is shown in total weight and total pieces
  • Audible Fill-to-target: target quantity or target weight can be programmed, e.g. for checkweighing. When the target value is reached, a signal will sound
  • PRE-TARE function for manual subtraction of a known container weight, value can be saved
  • High mobility: thanks to battery operation (optional), compact, flat construction and low weight, it is suitable for use in several locations (production, warehouse, dispatch department)
  • Two balances in one: Changes from counting mode to weighing mode at the touch of a key

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Model Weighing capacity Readability Weighing plate
[Max] [d] mm
(WxD | Dia)
CPB 15K0.2N 15 kg 0.2 g 295×225 mm
CPB 15K2DM 6 kg | 15 kg 2 g | 5 g 295×225 mm
CPB 30K0.5N 30 kg 0.5 g 295×225 mm
CPB 30K5DM 15 kg | 30 kg 5 g | 10 g 295×225 mm
CPB 6K0.1N 6 kg 0.1 g 295×225 mm
CPB 6K1DM 3 kg | 6 kg 1 g | 2 g 295×225 mm

Adjusting program (CAL): For quick setting of the balance's accuracy. External adjusting weight required.Data interface RS-232: To connect the balance to a printer, PC or networkPiece counting: Reference quantities selectable. Display can be switched from piece to weight.Totalising level A: The weights of similar items can be added together and the total can be printed out.Weighing with tolerance range: Upper and lower limiting can be programmed individually, e. g. sorting and portioning.Universal mains adapter: with universal input and optional input socket adapters for EU, GBStrain gauge: An electrical resistor strip that is glued to an elastic deforming body made of aluminium. As the strain gauge is mechanically deformed its resistance value changes, allowing

Rechargeable battery pack: rechargeable setVerification possible. The time required for verification is specified in the pictogram.


Kern CPB Counting Scales

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