Kern SFB platform scale with capacities from 10 kg to 150 kg. The Kern SFB platform scale available with optional calibration certificate and other accessories such as printers, software and communications. The SFB is constructed of stainless steel, IP65 rated with optional M Class approval for trade use.

  • Ideal for the robust industrial applications
  • Platform: made entirely of stainless steel, silicone-coated stainless load cell, protection against dust and water splashes IP67
  • Stainless steel display device with IP65 protection, only when using rechargeable battery pack

  • SFB-H: Stand, standard, for models with weighing plate size
  • 300×240 mm: height of stand approx. 200 mm
  • 400×300 mm: height of stand approx. 200 mm

  • 50 mm LCD digit height. Bright backlight for easy reading of weighing results, even in poor lighting conditions

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Model Weighing capacity Readability Weighing plate
[Max] [d] mm
(WxD | Dia)
SFB 50K-3XL 50 kg
5 d
500 x 400 mm
SFB 100K-2XL 100 kg
10 g
650 x 500 mm
SFB 60K-2XLM 60 kg 
20 g
500 x 400 mm
SFB 100K-2LM 150 kg
50 g
500 x 400 mm
SFB 100K-2XLM 150 kg 50 g 650 x 500 mm


Adjusting program (CAL): For quick setting of the balance's accuracy. External adjusting weight required.GLP/ISO log: with weight, date and time. Only with KERN printers, see AccessoriesPiece counting: Reference quantities selectable. Display can be switched from piece to weight.Totalising level A: The weights of similar items can be added together and the total can be printed out.Weighing with tolerance range: Upper and lower limiting can be programmed individually, e. g. sorting and portioning.IP 65 protection in accordance with DIN EN 60529:
Designed for temporary contact with liquids. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Dustproof.Rechargeable battery pack: rechargeable setUniversal mains adapter: with universal input and optional input socket adapters for EU, GB, USAStrain gauge: An electrical resistor strip that is glued to an elastic deforming body made of aluminium. As the strain gauge is mechanically deformed its resistance value changes, allowing


Data interface RS-232: To connect the balance to a printer, PC or networkVerification possible. The time required for verification is specified in the pictogram.

Kern SFB Platform Scales

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