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The Chauvin Arnoux is a rugged and highly durable analogue multimeter with water-resistant casing. Ideal for those tough environments like industrial areas!

As it is an analogue digital multimeter, the MX 1 Analogue Multimeter has a needle scale rather than digital readout. It can be used to measure DC voltage from 150mV to 600V, AC voltage from 5V to 600V, DC current from 50 mA to 10A, AC current from 500 mA to 10A and resistance from 20kOhm to 2MOhm. It can also perform diode tests and continuity tests (with integrated buzzer).

The MX 1 Analogue Multimeter is made with safety in mind; it has a shockproof sheath, protection on all ranges with an ultra-fast electronic system and HRC fuse protection on current measurements, double insulation up to 1500V and SECUR'X locking system which prevents accidental disconnection of measurement leads/unwanted opening of the battery compartment.


  • Measure DC voltage from 150mV to 600V
  • Measure AC voltage from 5V to 600V
  • DC current measurements from 50 mA to 10A
  • AC current measurements from 500 mA to 10A
  • Resistance measurements from 20kOhm to 2MOhm
  • Diode test
  • Continuity test with integrated buzzer
  • Blown fuse LED indicator
  • Audible alarm in resistance mode when mains AC voltage is present on input
  • IP65 watertight rugged casing


  • Chauvin Arnoux MX1 Analogue Multimeter
  • Leads
  • Battery
  • Operating Manual
  • Test Certificate
Chauvin Arnoux MX 1 Analogue Multimeter

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