A Reliable Scale for Everyday Grain Testing

User-friendly touch-button design for easy operation. Temperature compensation system ensures accurate results in five seconds.

The versatile MC2000 can test 50-grain categories (10 pre-programmed).

Product Description

Combining efficiency and reliability, the MC2000 Hand Held Grain Moisture Analyser is designed for accurate determination of grain moisture content in agricultural applications, including quality control and storage. Simple to set up and operate with a user-friendly interface, the MC2000 increases productivity in your operation with fast and reliable results. MC2000 features a compact design and is durably built for repetitive use.

Design Features

3% - 45% moisture range, display results (% moisture, weight, density, statistics, temperature), weighing scale calibration, bias adjustment

Display: Liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight

Operation: 4 AA batteries (included)

Communication: Not available

Construction: ABS housing, ABS loader

Ohaus MC2000 Grain Moisture Analyser

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