The Sauter HMO hardness tester is a premium, touch screen hardness testing device. It uses the Leeb (LRHT) method for testing metals. The Sauter HN-D hardness tester is a multi-range instrument and will give hardness results in Rockwell (B&C) Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Shore (HSD) and Leeb (HL). The Sauter HMO hardness tester automatically recognises the type of sensor connected to the display, making setup quick and easy. This portable instrument offers a higher degree of flexibility when compared to traditional bench-top mounted hardness testers.

  • Innovative touchscreen
  • All measurement directions possible (360°) thanks to an automatic compensation function
  • USB interface for connection to the printer and charging the batteries
  • Standard block for calibration included
  • Internal memory for up to 500 measurements
  • Mini statistics function: Displays the measure value, the average value, the difference between the maximum and minimum values, date and time
  • Measurement value display: Rockwell (B & C), Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Shore (HSD), Leeb (HL), tensile strength (MPa)
  • Automatic unit conversion: The measuring result is automatically converted into all specified hardness units
  • Delivered in a hard carrying case

Technical Data

  • Precision: 1 % 800 HLD (± 6 HLD)
  • Measuring range tensile strength: 375–2639 MPa (steel)
  • Min. sample weight on a solid and stable support:
    Sensor D + DC: 3 kg
    Sensor G: 15 kg
  • Minimum sample thickness:
    Sensor D + DC: 8 mm
    Sensor G: 10 mm
  • Minimum sample radius (concave/convex): 50 mm (with support ring: 10 mm)

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Sauter HMO Hardness Tester

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