The Sauter HN-D hardness tester is a "pen type" hardness testing device. It uses the Leeb (LRHT) method for testing metals. The Sauter HN-D hardness tester is a multi-range instrument and will give hardness results in Rockwell (B&C) Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Shore (HSD) and Leeb (HL). The Sauter HN-D hardness tester has been designed for user-friendly operation, the compact version enables the product to be used in a significantly wider range of applications compared with traditional devices. The instrument has been designed for one-hand operation and this allows the user to work quickly and efficiently. 

  • Modern LCD display: Optimised for industrial applications: increased luminosity and backlight can be switched on, so that the display can be read from any angle
  • All measurement directions possible (360°) thanks to an automatic compensation function
  • Internal impact sensor included (Type D)
  • Measurement value display: Rockwell (B & C), Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Shore (HSD), Leeb (HL)
  • Standard block for calibration not included
  • Internal data memory for up to 500 measurements with date and time
  • USB-PC data output: Easy to install on any PC
  • Delivered in a hard carrying case
  • Measuring range: 170 to 960 HL

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Sauter HN-D Hardness Tester

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