Sauter TE Coating Thickness Meter available in measuring ranges up to 1250 µm and divisions as low as 0.1 µm The Sauter TE Coating Thickness Meter is a compact digital thickness gauge with a remote external probe. It is available with an optional calibration certificate and is supplied with a base plate and measuring foils.

  • External sensor for difficult-to-access measurements
  • Data interface RS-232, included
  • Base plate and calibration foils included
  • Delivered in a hard carrying case
  • Offset-Accur: This function allows you to adjust the instrument precisely on the locally measured range by a two-point calibration. This results in a superior accuracy of approx. 1 % of the measured value
  • Selectable measuring units: µm, inch (mil)
  • Auto-Power-Off

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Model Measuring capacity Readability Test Object
[Max] µm [d] µm
TE 1250-0.1F 100 | 1250 0,1 | 1 Ferrous
TE 1250-0.1N 100 | 1250 0,1 | 1 Non-ferrous
TE 1250-0.1FN 100 | 1250 0,1 | 1 Both ferrous and non-ferrous
Sauter TE Coating Thickness Meter

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