Compact and lightweight, with small or large diameters, the MiniFlex® and AmpFlex® models can encircle all types of conductors, whatever their dimensions or shapes (busbars, cable strands, etc.). Their flexibility means they can be used comfortably wherever you are and whatever the space available. They are easy to set up in any residential or industrial electrical cabinets. They are also ideal for the needs of both the industrial and tertiary sectors and for measurements on single or three-phase installations.

The new MiniFlex® MA110 and MA130 sensors and AmpFlex® A110 and A130 sensors are equipped with an automatic standby function which can be deactivated at start-up for long-term measuring campaigns. They can now be powered in two ways: either by batteries or by an external power supply (standard micro USB socket). On the control unit, the 3 LEDs (green, yellow and red) indicate, respectively, the battery status, the status of the automatic standby function and any measurement capacity overshoots. The single-phase versions offer 4 measurement calibres, while the three-phase versions offer 3.