The D series comprises a range of high-performance clamp-on AC current probes designed for high current measurements. Their excellent current transformation ratios and low phase shift, combined with a broad frequency response, allows highly accurate current and power measurements. High-quality magnetic cores and winding mean high precision current measurement up to 3,000 A (AC). The rectangular jaws can be used to clamp large-diameter cables or busbars. The D series clamps provide true RMS measurement values and faithful signal reproduction. There are two different kinds of model available in the DN series: the first acts as a traditional current transformer with a current output (mA) and has a wide range of voltage ratios.

These clamps may also be used with multimeters, harmonic and power measurement equipment, logging apparatus or other instruments allowing AC current input. The second type of model gives a voltage output in precise proportion to the measured current (1 mV/A, 10 mV/A or 100 mV/A) so you can display and log currents on instruments without current inputs. Model D38N has been specifically designed for use with oscilloscopes, or other instruments with a BNC input.

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