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The CA6418 Earth Clamp with oblong head - Test earth loops on rectangular bars.

The CA6418 earth clamp / ground clamp, delivered in its carrying case, can be used for quick testing of earth loops, whatever their type. Its clamping capacity allows measurements on 30 x 40mm and 20 x 55mm rectangular bars and cables 32mm in diameter.
The CA6418 earth clamp / ground clam simultaneously displays the earth-loop resistance and the leakage current.

Due to ergonomic innovations such as the OLED display providing visibility over an angle of 180 degrees, in all lighting conditions, it is particularly easy to use. The automatic "pre-HOLD" function when the clamp is opened and the automatic calibration of the jaw gap at power-up ensure optimized processing of the measurements provided by the CA6418 earth clamp / ground clamp.

Additional specifications:

  • Wide measurement range from 0.010 Ohm to 1200 Ohm
  • Current from 0.5 mA to 20 A
  • Alarms configurable for Ohm and A
  • Automatic Pre-Hold mode when the clamp is opened
  • 300 time/date-stamped measurements
  • Automatic calibration of the jaw gap at power-up
  • Buzzer and automatic power-off
Chauvin Arnoux CA6418 Earth Clamp

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