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The CA6543 4 TOhm Insulation Tester is a 50V to 1kV high-performance insulation tester. It supports extreme site conditions and is an expert tool for qualitative insulation analysis:

  • insulation: up to 4 TOhm (5 ranges) at 50/100/250/500 and 1,000 V DC
  • automatic calculation of insulation quality ratios: DAR and PI
  • programmable test duration and plotting of the R(t) curve
  • automatic indication of voltage before and after measurement: 1 to 1,000 V AC/DC
  • resistance: 0.01Ohm to 400 kOhm
  • continuity: 0.01 Ohm to +40 Ohm (audible beep and cable compensation)
  • automatic capacitance measurement after each insulation measurement: 0.005 to 4.999 µF
  • microprocessor-controlled
  • storage of measurements (128 kB)
  • bi-directional RS232
  • large LCD screen with digital display and bargraph
  • backlighting
  • SMOOTH function
  • possibility of locking insulation test voltages
  • programmable alarms
  • long battery life thanks to rechargeable battery with internal charger
  • remote control probe available as an option
  • electrical safety: IEC 61010 600V CAT III and IEC 61557
  • dimensions: 240 x 185 x 110mm; weight: 3.4kg
  • large number of optional accessories: remote control probe, MegohmView PC data processing software, printer




    Chauvin Arnoux CA6543 4 TOhm Insulation Tester

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