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F407 Harmonic Clampmeter Highlights
  • AC and DC measurements
  • Measurements of power and energy values
  • Decomposition of harmonic orders
  • Measurement recorder

The F407 Harmonic Clampmeter is ideal for low-voltage, medium-power systems in LV electricity production and distribution, industry, railways, etc. It is also suitable for lift/elevator technicians and other lifting and transport equipment specialists. Maintenance, testing, monitoring, diagnostics and connection are the main applications for the clamps in this series.

Equipped with a fast 12-bit TRMS digital acquisition system, the F407 Harmonic Clampmeter offers particularly accurate measurements. Due to their large bandwidth and high crest factor, these clamps guarantee accurate measurements whatever the type of signal. Automatic AC/DC detection is a standard feature on all the models in this range, as is IP54 protection. The F407 Harmonic Clampmeter features large backlit 10,000-count display makes it easy to read in all circumstances. The fact that each rotary-switch position corresponds to a single function means that it is simple to use.

F407 Harmonic Clampmeter Specifications:

  • Current: 1,000 AAC / 1,500 ADC
  • AC and DC voltage up to 1,000 V
  • Power values: W / VA / var, PF & DPF
  • THD-f & THD-r
  • Harmonics up to 25th order
  • Resistance and audible continuity
  • Analysis of Min, Max and Peak± on all functions
  • TrueInrush current measurement
  • Data recording
  • Bluetooth interface and PC software
    Chauvin Arnoux F407 Harmonic Clampmeter

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