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The GX320 Function Generator is a 0.001 Hz to 20 MHz DDS function generator which provides much greater accuracy and frequency stability than a traditional generator. The GX 320 can be used to generate precise, varied signals: waveforms, sine, triangle, square and LOGIC, TTL output.

The GX320 Function Generator is equipped with internal and external modulation (AM, FM), as well as linear and logarithmic sweep functions.

Alongside this, the Shift K function allows phase or frequency skips.

With the BURST function, users can choose the number of cycles per time period. This allows even more detailed analysis, as well as the detection of very brief events.

In addition, GX320 Function Generators can be set up in a cascade arrangement to simulate complex signals: three-phase network, Fourier synthesis, etc.

This model also includes an external frequency meter covering a range from 5 Hz to 100 MHz.

This ergonomic instrument is equipped with a large LCD screen (125 x 45 mm) which is exceptionally easy to read because the main display comprises 5 digits 20 mm high.

The backlighting is adjustable and the contrast can be boosted if necessary.

15 complete configurations are stored in the GX 320,

version -E: programmable via ETHERNET link with the SCPI protocol.

  • Autoranging from 0.001 Hz to 20 MHz
  • Frequency accuracy: +/-20ppm
  • Frequency meter: 100 MHz, CAT I - 300 V
  • Stable afrequency adjustment to the nearest digit
  • AM and FM with GATE, BURST, FSK and PSK functions
  • Synchronization with adjustable phase
    Chauvin Arnoux GX320 Function Generator

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