Kern PNS / PNJ precision scales with capacities from 620 g to 12 kg. The Kern PNS / PNJ precision scales has a robust tuning fork measuring system which allows for constant, reliable laboratory use. It is available with an optional calibration certificate and other accessories such as printers, software and communications.
  • PNJ: Automatic internal adjustment, guarantees high degree of accuracy and makes the balance independent of its location of use. Ideal for mobile applications which require verification, such as ambulatory gold and jewellery purchasing
  • PNS: Adjusting program CAL for quick setting of the balance accuracy using an external test weight
  • High-quality tuning fork measuring system for steady weight values and continuous weighing
  • Capacity display: A bar lights up to show how much of the weighing range is still available
  • Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the average piece weight value
  • Compact size, practical for small spaces
  • Large glass draught shield with 3 sliding doors for easy access to the items being weighed, for models with weighing plate size of 140 mm diameter.
  • EC type approval only on PNJ models.

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Model Weighing capacity
Weighing plate
(WxD | Dia)
PNJ 12000-1M 12000 g 0,1 g 190x190 mm
PNJ 3000-2M 3200 g 0,01 g 190x190 mm
PNJ 600-3M 620 g 0,001 g 140 mm
PNS 12000-1 12000 g 0,1 g 190x190 mm
PNS 3000-2 3200 g 0,01 g 190x190 mm
PNS 600-3 620 g 0,001 g 140 mm



Internal adjusting (CAL): Quick setting of the balance's accuracy with internal adjusting weight (motordriven).Adjusting program (CAL): For quick setting of the balance's accuracy. External adjusting weight required.GLP/ISO log: the balance displays the weight, date and time, regardless of printer connectedData interface RS-232: To connect the balance to a printer, PC or networkPiece counting: Reference quantities selectable. Display can be switched from piece to weight.Percentage determination: Displays the deviation from the reference weight (100%) in % instead of grams.Weighing units: Can be switched to e.g. nonmetric units at the touch of a key. See balance model.Weighing with tolerance range: Upper and lower limiting can be programmed individually, e. g. sorting and portioning.Universal mains adapter: with universal input and optional input socket adapters for EU, GB, USATuning fork principle: A resonating body (like a tuning fork) is electromagnetically excited, causing it to oscillate. The measured value is calculated via the change in frequency corresponVerification possible. The time required for verification is specified in the pictogram.
Kern PNS / PNJ Precision Scales

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