Laumas JOLLY2/4 weight indicator is suitable for panel or wall mounting and has a Four-digit red LED display, 20 mm tall. It is suitable for multiprogram: single loading/unloading and multi-product batching, one formula The Laumas JOLLY2/4 weight indicator has no communication options. It is fitted with 2 logic inputs, 4 relay outputs.

  • Weight Indicator in DIN case, dimensions 96 x 96 x 65 mm. IP64 front panel protection. Five-key keyboard.
  • Possible installations: panel, wall
  • Multiprogram: single loading/unloading and multi-product batchings, one formula
  • Four-digit red LED display, 20 mm height
  • 2 logic inputs, 2/4 relay outputs
  • Display range: - 999 ; + 19999
  • Wall mounting box version

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Laumas JOLLY2/4 Weight Indicator

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