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The MN71 current clamp is a versatile transformer clamp for measuring alternating currents up to 240 A with a multimeter or a power analyser.

Compact and ergonomic, the jaw is suitable for measurements in places where access is difficult and can also be used to clamp any cable up to 20 mm in diameter installations up to CAT III 600 V or CAT IV 300 V.
The MN71 current clamp has been developed in particular for current measurements on the secondary winding of current transformers.

Main features of the MN71 current clamp:

  • Rated current: 10 A AC
  • Output signal: AC voltage
  • Output / input ratio: 100 mV / A AC
  • Output via lead and isolated 4 mm male plugs
    Chauvin Arnoux MN71 Current Clamp

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