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The MX5006 Bench-Top Multimeter comes in a proven casing which is lightweight and compact.

It is equipped with a multi-directional handle for positioning it as you require and its casing is stackable on a lab bench to save space. The mains power lead can be wound round the feet for easy storage.

The optimized display (890 x 450 mm) in the upper part of the casing offers comfortable reading with a height of 16 mm for the main display, as well a second simultaneous display, ensuring good visibility whatever the lighting conditions thanks to a transflective LCD screen with back-lighting which provides a wider viewing angle.

Its 6,000-count double display can be used for analogue viewing with a 61-segment bargraph.

The MX5006 Bench-Top Multimeter performance levels are also excellent: 0.09% accuracy and selectable TRMS AC, DC or AC+DC measurements, as well automatic or manual ranging for finer measurements.

As well as the classic functions (voltage, current, resistance, continuity, diode test), this multimeter can also measure the capacitance, frequency, period and relative values expressed in value terms and as percentages.

The MX5006 Bench-Top Multimeter can be used for measurements in total safety in the electrical engineering sector, as it is rated 1,000 V CAT III. A VlowZ low input impedance measurement function ensures stable measurements by eliminating stray voltages. There is also a selectable PWM filter for measurements on variable speed drives (asynchronous motors).

It enables users to to monitor their measurements with MIN/MAX (100ms) /PEAK(1ms) recordings in order to capture all the faults.

The 3 terminals limit handling errors, with complete current auto-ranging from 50 µA to 20 A .

    MX5006 Bench-Top Multimeter

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