Introducing the robust Ohaus Valor 2000 Range – the high-performance food scale that’s perfect for your demanding, wet workplace conditions. Built with the food industry's fundamental weighing needs in mind, the Valor 2000 is more than just a scale. It's a testament to Ohaus's commitment to quality, durability, and productivity.

Our range offers capacities from 1.5kg to an impressive 30kg, suitable for any task you throw at it. There's a model for every need - whether you require the plastic housing (V22PW) or the stainless steel housing (V22XW), which also includes a checkweighing feature.

The Valor 2000 is a masterclass of engineering, with a swift response time of less than 0.5s. It features a polycarbonate keypad that can withstand daily contact with knives or other sharp instruments – making it an essential tool for food preparation, processing, and portioning applications.

Ensuring full HACCP compliance, the scale is NSF Certified, USDA-AMS Accepted, and designed to enhance productivity even in harsh environments. And with the model's IP68 'flow-thru' design, the scale remains clean and operational at all times – making it safe to use even when weighing liquids or in wet environments.

This rapid-response bench scale is user-friendly and easy to operate, guaranteeing increased productivity. It has dual LED displays that are almost one inch high and 46% larger than comparable products – allowing two operators to share one scale. The large displays make it easy to read results even from a distance and in dim conditions.

The Valor 2000 has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can provide power for 50 hours, ensuring uninterrupted operation for more than a full working week. It also comes with a universal power adapter that can adapt to different voltage lines.

Not only does it have incredible technical features, but the Valor 2000 is also designed with convenience in mind. It includes a transportation handle for easy portability, an auto-close power jack cover, and a low battery indicator, making it a hassle-free addition to your workspace.

Our Valor 2000 range offers optional test certificates for quality assurance, giving you the peace of mind that your scale is performing accurately and efficiently.

Get the Ohaus Valor 2000 range today – it's the workhorse your business needs to increase productivity, reduce equipment costs, and deliver reliable results every time.

Ohaus Valor 2000 Bench Scale

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