Elevate your commercial food preparation to unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency with the Ohaus Valor 3000 precision scale. Designed exclusively for professional chefs, bustling foodservice establishments and commercial food preparation businesses, this cutting-edge scale is your gateway to flawless recipe execution and enhanced productivity.

Experience the precision that's essential for commercial kitchens. The Ohaus Valor 3000 ensures that every ingredient is measured to perfection, eliminating any room for error. Whether you're crafting signature dishes or managing large-scale food production, this scale guarantees consistent quality in every batch.

Navigating the fast-paced environment of commercial kitchens has never been easier. The Valor 3000's intuitive interface streamlines operations, allowing your culinary team to focus on what they do best – creating exceptional dishes that leave a lasting impression. With its real-time responsiveness, accuracy becomes an ally in your mission for culinary excellence.

Built to withstand the demands of commercial food preparation, the Valor 3000 boasts a robust stainless steel platform that's not only easy to sanitise but also durable enough to withstand constant use. Its compact footprint ensures it seamlessly integrates into your kitchen or production line layout, optimizing space without compromising on functionality.

From delicate spices to substantial cuts of meat, the Valor 3000 handles an extensive range of ingredients with unmatched precision. Its impressive weight capacity and rapid measurements empower your team to work efficiently, maintaining the highest standards even during peak hours.

Make the Ohaus Valor 3000 an integral part of your culinary arsenal. Empower your team to excel in the art of food preparation with accuracy that sets you apart. Elevate your reputation, one perfectly measured ingredient at a time!

The Ohaus Valor 3000 is available in capacities from 200g up to 6kg, with resolutions from 0.01g to 1g. 

All our scales are available with optional calibration certificates.

Ohaus Valor 3000 Bench Scale

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