• Ideal for measurements for workplaces which are outdoors, e.g. at airports, on building sites, in road construction etc. with broad access to spectrum thanks to the highly-accurate 24-Bit A/D converter
  • Floating point evaluation for higher level of accuracy and better stability
  • The optimised analogue frontend switch reduces the ambient noise and increases the linear measuring range
  • A specially-developed algorithm permits a compliant dynamic range of more than 120 dB! (SW 1000: > 123 dB; SW 2000: > 122 dB)
  • Three profiles and 14 user-defined measurements can be calculated in parallel with different frequency and time weighting
  • Different sound pressure levels can be selected, such as, for example, Laeq, LcPeak, LaF, LaFMax, LaFMin, SD, SEL, E
  • LN statistics and display of the graph showing the progression of time
  • User-defined integral interval measurement up to a maximum of 24 hours is possible
  • Frequency weighting (filter) A, B, C, Z
  • Time interval during measurement: F (fast), S (slow), I (pulse)
  • Freely-definable limits for the output of an optical alarm signal
  • Peak Hold Mode to capture peaks
  • Octavo function for targeted sound analysis
  • TRACK function with graphic display of a measurement
    Kern SW: First-class professional sound level meter

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