The TLM8 PROFIBUS DP Weight Transmitter with backlit graphic LCD display, 60x32 mm, 128x64 pixels. Four-key keypad for the system calibration. TEST key for direct access to the diagnostic functions. Dimensions: 148 x 92 x 60 mm. The TLM8 PROFIBUS DP Weight Transmitter offers the benefits and performance of an advanced digital weighing system even using analogue load cells. 8 independent reading channels for 8 load cells. Digital equalization and automatic diagnostics as standard.

  • 16-bit Analog output: 0/4-20 mA; 0-5/10 V
  • Slave PROFIBUS DP port (max 32 instruments without line repeaters; max 126 instruments with line repeaters)
  • RS485 port (Modbus RTU/Laumas ASCII protocol)
  • 3 logic inputs, 5 relay outputs
  • OIML R76:2006 approved, class III, 10000 divis. 0.2μV/VSI
  • Mounting on Omega/DIN rail for back panel or junction box

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TLM8 PROFIBUS DP Weight Transmitter

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