The VX0100 Fieldmeter checks your exposure to electromagnetic pollution in your home or workplace. It is a simple, economical and compact BIOTEST tester equipped with a backlit 2,000-count LCD screen. It indicates the level of the low-frequency electric fields generated by power distribution.

The VX0100 Fieldmeter's external antenna  means that it can be used both to measure electomagnetic fields and detect cables (renovation). It can very quickly test the pollution generated by connected equipment.

The tests comply with the current and future standards and directives. This BIOTEST instrument can be used to check electrical installations (new and renovation) and for technical and vocational training.

2 measurement methods are provided for more effective testing:

  • representative method: fields measured while taking into account the presence of the individual,
  • traditional method: fields reference to earth.


    Chauvin Arnoux VX0100 Fieldmeter

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